May 22

The Truth and nothing but the truth!

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The other day, I saw an ad in The New York Times which spoke about the truth, so crucial in today’s journalistic world, when someone invented the alternative facts. How is it on packaging?

Well, if we start with the front panel, I can say there is no place for lying today. However, it is a must to ‘beautify’ a product in order to look better than the competitor.

In food, this is achieved by selecting the most photogenic parts, arranging them up front in a warm light. The food stylist knows, today, how far one can go in order to ‘tell the truth’.

It is a bit different when it comes to back panel communication. We obviously can’t change figures or mention wrong ingredients and we cannot show figures that mislead, but we can try to be smart and amplify the good things in a product.

I prefer, for instance, information from a German Innocent label which tells you, in quite a funny way, how you will appreciate their juice. It’s called “the Innocent juice appreciation curve”. I don’t think I need to translate it for my European readers.

But the best ever label is the one Julius Maggi (an outstanding marketing man) printed on his Maggi Würze bottle around 1910-20! I think this is still the best pack within the Nestlé world. It has it all! Here’s the text in English:

In every kitchen
is unequalled
is unique
guaranteed pure and top quality
MAGGI is still the most refined seasoning
Keeps indefinitely
Sole producers: MAGGI GmbH

IMPORTANT: this MAGGI bottle can only be sold if it contains the pure MAGGI aroma, any offender risks a heavy fine. (i.e. trust)

Confirmed on several occasions by the Supreme Court of the German Federal Republic. (trust)

In fact, this MAGGI bottle bears our company’s name in the glass. Our MAGGI brand, as well as the star, are registered and therefore protected. (trust)

Other products of the MAGGI company: MAGGI bouillon cubes – MAGGI soups (cross advertising).

Nobile quia optimum… (known because the best) – (Latin gives an image of quality).

Directions for use:
MAGGI aroma is very rich; use it sparingly (who would say this today?)

It is unnecessary to season every soup and every dish; only neutral-tasting soups and dishes need seasoning and this merely to enhance their own flavour. This is the truth.

It is impossible to fix the necessary quantity of aroma to be added beforehand – simply sample it several times. (good advice)

On no account must MAGGI aroma be overpowering. (good advice)

Do not cook MAGGI aroma – add it just before serving.

Control analysis:
Specific gravity 1.264 – 1.274
Dehydrated substance approx. 49%
Mineral substances and various nutritive salts respectively approx. 19%
(like on a S. Pellegrino label).

LW/December 2017

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