May 31

Do you have your own letters?

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It’s not every day you have the chance to develop a new brand, as most jobs are about updating, repositioning, line extension, new packaging, etc.

When luck strikes and you can start a job from scratch and develop an identity, here’s one design solution better than most others. It is to design your logotype with letters that have their own personality and which will always, in whatever way they are used, communicate your brand. The best version is to always have your identity on a unike background, but it is not a necessity.

The first brand to use characteristic letters to say something more than the brand is, of course, TOBLERONE which, at the time, belonged to Kraft, now to Mondelez.

Others have followed, some good, some less good. My favourites are NIVEA, evian and SNICKERS, samples of which you see in this article.

LW/April 2018

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