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My teaching is based upon the three words

  • – Simplify
  • – Amplify
  • – Surprise

In this article, I will give a few examples, as ‘surprise’ can be so many different things.

To surprise is mainly to be different. I’m sure you have seen my example with the two elephants which show that it is essential to be or look different in the marketing of consumer goods, as so many products are alike.

Here are 6 ways of surprising the viewer. They are not in any order of importance, as it all depends upon the category in which your product appears.

  • A.    Dynamic graphics! The two samples I’ve chosen, an ad and a pack, use the same technique: they focus on the key element in the design. It cannot be done better!

  • B.    Do it BIG or stay in bed! This technique is used for count line candies, snacks, etc. Just blow up what you wish the consumer to read. You can do it with a text, but equally with an illustration.

  • C.    Shape it up! I feel particularly happy when I have found a new pack size of a known product which surprises with the shape. An excellent example is the big Ricola carton which is 100% Ricola, but surprises with a totally new pack shape.

  • D.    New execution of a known icon or logotype! Those who hear me speaking know how much I admire what the Purina (a Nestlé brand) people do. The other day, I saw Felix looking at me! Wow, I think this is stunning design!

  • E.    Dare to do it! As said above, communication is about being different and, in fact, VERY different! Most brand managers would never think of changing the ‘evian’ bottle to a completely different shape. These two Disney bottles with the correct ‘evian’ branding are just perfect fro my point of view, but how many would have dared to go this far?

  • F.    Surprise with material! A label is a label is a label, be it paper, aluminium foil or plastic. But to add a wax seal or use metal… that’s to go so far that the consumer will refer to your product by saying “you know, that label with the seal”, or “that metal label”.

Well, dear Reader, next time try to surprise!

LW/June 2018

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